TSG Bürstadt was founded on May 3rd in 1955 by August Held. He had the ambition to bring together the youth of the world with the help of gymnastics.

In 1957 August set up the first international youth gymnastics gathering which took place in a pavilion at the Beethovensquare in Bürstadt. The festival established really fast and takes place every 3 years. Today it is called “Gymnastica”.

August bought the today’s club area in 1968. With the help of volunteers, he built a new gym. 1974 they finished the so called “August-Held-Halle”.

When August Held died on January the 1st,1981, Heinrich Lausecker became the new chairman. He set up a new plan for the future of TSG Bürstadt together with the management.

From that time on TSG Bürstadt evolved into a modern club which offers gymnastics, aerobic, jazz dance and fitness.

Translation by Tami